We offer the design, manufacturing, installation and service of waste heat boilers, and waste gas cooling systems for the most diffcult operation conditions in Steel Works all over the world. Innovative proven designs especially in BOF Oxygen Steel Works. Proven designs for cooling plants for the cooling of waste gases originating from top or bottom blowing converters. In principle, we distinguish between three cooling systems: evaporation cooling, pressurized water cooling under N2 pressure for high and low pressure in closed circuit and water cooling in open circuit. Due to the importance of energy recovery, the latter type is no longer frequently used. The evaporation cooling plants are working in natural, forced or combined forced / natural circulation, whereas the pressurized water cooling plants are operated in natural circulation. Regarding plants with steam production, the generated steam is either discharged to the system, condensed or discharged to atmosphere. In evaporation cooling plants the pressure varies between 0.5 and 64, in pressurized water plants between 10 and 32 bar. lf requested, the generated saturated steam can be superheated outside of the plant. Temperatures between 50°C and 220°C occur in pressurized water plants. A particularly great importance is attached to an optimum gas collection which results in an additional energy recovery, as the cleaned CO containing gas is no longer flared-off but flows to an accumulator arranged behind the cooling and cleaning plants.


Also the design and manufacture of systems for the cooling of walls and covers of electric arc furnaces as well as cooling ducts. For cooling these elements evaporation, cold or hot water cooling system can be selected. The cold water system does, however, not permit a useful heat recovery. Besides damages can occur in the cooling system by deposits due to an inferior water quality and consequently unsufficient cooling as well as the premature destruction of the entire cooling system by corrosion. The systems are working in forced circulation or combined natural / forced circulation. The combination of cooling of electric arc furnace and waste gas duct permits a continuous steam production despite of discontinuously working furnaces. 4 -16 t/h of steam are produced with a system pressure of 10-64 bar. The produced steam is fed into the system and utilized. In closed systems condensers and /or recoolers are provided.

For detailed questions concerning BOF Oxygen Steelworks, Sinter plants, coke oven plants, electric arc furnaces, walking beam furnaces and rolling mill furnaces, please do not hesitate to   contact us.