CSM Machinery was founded as CSM Engineering and has been developing and manufacturing machinery to produce heating elements for over 30 years. The courage to continually face new challenges supported by the experience of his founder, Giorgio Trolese, have been the main reasons for the success of this company, while the constant product innovation and the capacity to face the fast changes of this market, are his most significant inheritance.
For many years our company produced only stainless steel tubes for heating element industry, then started
the production of machinery for heating element manufacture. The initial range for machinery was limited to standard
models, which then evolved into specific and specialised machinery for new applications and solutions. 


CSM Machinery has over the years consolidated its specialization in systems and equipment for heating elements and is a reliable partner for companies who wish to remain competitive in the heater element market, which is very quickly evolving to new technologies and systems.
We answered to the requests of know-how of the industry, involving CSM Machinery staff, executive and technical with a background within the industry. 
During the machinery designing phase, we pay great attention to the product (production, liability and repeatability), such as to other relevant features.

CSM Machinery can propose specific and standard machinery as well as customized systems. A very important step in the order definition is to discuss the required features of the machinery with the client. In this way the interaction with the customer is improved, involving him in the customization process and making him aware of the technical characteristics of the machine and its  limits.
We dedicate a lot of efforts in designing machines, which are simple in working and the functions are easy to learn, even if the production process is difficult and complicated.
The importance of the interaction between operator and machine is greatly  considered, the easiness to work on the machine and an easy set up when changing  product, are as important as the product itself, because they can generate rejects.


The automated systems need regular controls to function correctly as well as periodical maintenance which is very importantly considered in the machine design, to allow the operator to carry out the required procedures easily and in an intuitive way.
For CSM Machinery the customer is one of the most important parts of our sales process, the guarantee of an immediate and qualified assistance post sale is the value-added of our product. Our customer is an essential part of our future.