A PARTNER YOU CAN TRUST : For over forty years, UCM Magnesia has been a constant and reliable presence in the exacting world of high quality magnesia powders for electrical and other specialised applications.

Over these many years, we have continually developed more technically advanced and cost effective powders to benefit our customers and to enable them to achieve optimum performance from their products. All this has helped to make UCM Magnesia a world leader in our field and we are proud to be the preferred supplier to some of the most well-known names in the industries that we serve.

RAW MATERIALS:  At UCM Magnesia, we scour the world to select the most suitable raw materials in terms of quality, availability, reliability and cost. We are also constantly investigating and evaluating new potential raw material sources that will bring benefits to our customers.

We greatly value our relationships with our raw material suppliers and work in close technical collaboration with them. This approach enables us to ensure that the natural characteristics of the raw material are modified in a way that will ensure optimum performance in the end application.